Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Grandma made ALL of us new pajamas. We used to have a tradition of having pictures with Santa. Now, it's pictures in homemade pajamas.

Kristen showing her natural joy for life.

The grandkids don't care too much whose lap they are sitting on.

A homemade reminder of eternal convenants.

Everyone who was there knows I wasn't taking a business call. We all got to talk to Marissa in Boston and look forward to her arrival on New Year's Day. Gayle and Colleen are just thankful that means Eggs Benedict twice this holiday season.

Grandpa got lots of "lap time" this Christmas. But I put picture in to show everyone the picture mom sees of the top of my head when I sing in the choir.

We have lots of babies that don't like to wear clothes.

Elizabeth was so happy in her new apron.

Elizabeth got lots of help learning how to tickle her new baby's tummy.

Kelvin getting help opening his presents.

Grandma with three of her helpers in their new aprons.

Thanks to everyone for all you did to make it possible. I know it is lots of work to do to round everyone up and get them ready to trek over to our house, on top of everything else that needs to be done in a busy season. Especially to mom who works and frets to make everything right.

Thanks to David, we have lots of great pictures of Christmas Eve 2008, except none of himself. (Colleen, can you please forward me some of your shots so I can complete the record.)
So for everyone, including Marissa, I hope you enjoyed the pictures from last evening.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Cousins on a happy day.
On top of the hill
That didn't last long
Different cousins on a different happy day.
She's all smiles!